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We love bikes and want to get as many folks out riding as possible.


That's challenging in the current climate, as we're faced with high demand as well as manufacturing and shipping delays. We're responding by expanding our used bikes program.


How Does It Work?

Benefits to Buying and Selling Used

We offer our expertise in a hassle-free, safe, friendly environment. That means you can be confident a used bike will work well for your needs and be a good match in terms of sizing and quality. 

Transactions made through Wild Rock are safe and secure, without the awkward haggling of buying from a private seller. You'll reduce waste and maximize value, all while knowing you've received an honest assessment and the best return on your investment.

Questions? Drop us a line at or call 705-745-9133. Our in-store hours are Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.


The bike sale process is as follows:

  1. Seller brings their bike to Wild Rock.
  2. Upon drop-off, Wild Rock staff will collect the necessary contact information from the seller. Although we're happy to make recommendations, it is ultimately the seller's responsibility to decide on the price of their bike and choose between receiving 100% of the sale price in Wild Rock store credit or 75% cash back.
  3. Wild Rock staff will do their best to connect your bike with a happy buyer! This usually involves photographing your bike and posting on our website and other 3rd party sites. 
  4. Once your bike is sold, you can expect to receive an email informing you of store credit being applied to your account or a cash e-transfer.