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$149.00 - $169.99
Conceived for recreational use and appreciated for its ergonomics, the “Lander” is offered in two models. The “White Lander” with its narrow lines and smaller diameter frame tubing, has reduced weight and offers a more comfortable step for women than the men’s model the “North Lander”. Both equipped with the “SP” pivot system, made up of a carbon steel rod and rotation limiter, makes walking backwards and jumping over obstacles easier. This model will make all of your excursions so much more enjoyable, no matter the snow conditions. SIZE WEIGHT SUGGESTED WEIGHT 8 x 25 in 3.50 lbs max 150 lbs 9 x 29 in 4.00 lbs max 225 lbs 10 x 34 in 4.30 lbs max 275 lbs Suggested weight limit is based on packed snow conditions. For off trail, reduce suggested weight by 25% or more to ensure better floatation.
Faber North Cliff
$176.00 - $199.00
An excellent choice for those who want a multipurpose, light and durable snowshoe. This model is well rounded for all types of terrain and snow conditions. The “WTD+” decking, with its traction wings, offers optimal grip with no weight added. The 3 position heel lifter and aluminum crampons will provide superior traction while going uphill. The free rotation pivot and its limiter makes each step effortless. The binding with light weight “Zenith” buckles increases comfort and provides great control. SIZE WEIGHT SUGGESTED WEIGHT 8 x 21 in 3.45 lbs max 125 lbs 8 x 25 in 3.65 lbs max 150 lbs 9 x 29 in 4.10 lbs max 225 lbs 10 x 34 in 4.40 lbs max 275 lbs
Faber North Hiker
For the beginner or causal hiker, this snowshoe is light and easy to use. It is mainly designed to be used on packed snow. The simplistic design gives it many advantages such as lightness, maneuverability and snow on the deck is easily shaken off. All of this without compromising the robustness. An entry level product that will offer maximum performance and pleasure to its user. SIZE WEIGHT SUGGESTED WEIGHT 8 x 21 in 2.75 lbs max 125 lbs 8 x 25 in 3.00 lbs max 150 lbs 9 x 29 in 3.35 lbs max 225 lbs 10 x 34 in 3.80 lbs max 275 lbs
Faber North Kid
$86.00 - $95.00
Designed for kids but built with adult's snowshoes technology, the North Kid is lightweight, easy to use and durable. This series of kid snowshoes are made of aluminum tubing 6061-T6 of 5/8 inch diameter reducing the weight of the snowshoe without compromising its strength. These snowshoes are equipped with a TPR binding featuring a toe box and an easy to use sliding ratchet buckle, completed with a very efficient 3/4 inches aluminum crampon. The binding is assembled on our patented Live pivot made of urethane coated webbing. This pivot uses the same technology as our racing snowshoe, offering a full rotation which eases every step, making the snowshoe the most pleasant for the smallest. This kid snowshoe is assembled on a patented WTD decking with traction wings made of copolymer which is specifically formulated to resist low-temperature impacts (-40 Celsius). Its rigidity is due to the torsion of the wings which, besides offering optimum traction, creates oriented exit holes to discharge snow from the deck. The open rear end avoids dragging effect while walking. Up to 115lbs
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